How do you choose which wine to drink over summer? Sure, you could spend all day coming up with a perfect menu and planning what you’re going to eat and match the flavours to your wine. Or you could take a look at your phone, check the weather and use this guide. If it’s hot outside, you’re going to want instant refreshment. Rain on the horizon? We’ve got the perfect match. Maybe you’re not sure what to bring to a barbecue? It’s simple, really.

Best Wine For Rain

Guy de Chassey

When it’s bucketing down outside, your friends are all on holiday and you’re at a real loose end there’s only one thing for it. Champagne. Guy de Chassey is a grower champagne house that still insists on doing everything by hand. Tiny yields make for a delicious treat when you can’t rely on anything else.

Best Wine For 16-18ºC

Cecilia Beretta Valpolicella

When the weather just won’t play ball, this is the wine you need. The Cecilia Beretta Valpolicella is spicy and comforting, it’s perfect for settling down with a good book and contemplating that move abroad you’ve always wanted to make.

Best Wine For 18-23ºC


The Rhebokskloof Mouvedre Grenache Shiraz is perfect for when it’s borderline summer weather but the urge to barbecue becomes too great and it’s just about warm enough to go out without a jacket. Smooth, spicy and simply incredible with charred/burnt/incinerated meat.

Best Wine For 23-25ºC

Bodega Ruca Malen Chardonnay

Argentinean chardonnay is some of the best value white around. And this from Bodega Ruca Malen is no different. It’s got delicious peach and vanilla flavours in abundance which means it’s perfect for pairing with summer lunches or sitting in the garden.

Best Wine For 25ºC +


Beloved of Spanish wine lovers, this crisp and delicate grape is getting more popular on these shores. You’ve only got to sip a little Veigadares Albarino with some tapas and you’ll be hooked.  There’s a hint of creaminess and tropical fruit in this one.

Best Wine For Warm Nights

Pianer Prosecco


When your evening could stretch into the night, make sure you’re prepared for it with a lovely bottle of Pianer Prosecco. You’ll be able to match it with any unexpected picnic or barbecue you end up at, whether you choose to share or not is up to you.

What’s your favourite wine to drink during summer?

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