The world of wine might seem quite daunting sometimes, maybe even a little bit on the scary side (BOO!), so we thought we’d ask the team to pick their favourite wines for the spooky season.


Jamie Morris, On-Trade Sales

Wine Chianti Classico Terre di Prenzano by Vignamaggio 2015

Why “On the horror front, Chianti has always been the favourite wine of famous “monsters” such as Hannibal Lector (not strictly Halloween but in the spirit of horror). Additionally the grape Sangiovese also happens to be (apparently) a good pair for Pumpkin risotto or soup. I also think that with its reddish-brown colour it also probably is the grape that makes wine that has the most similar appearance to blood.”


Olivia Marsh, Catering & Hospitality Sales Manager

Wine Salterio Mencía DO Bierzo Adegas Galegas 2015 (coming soon!)

Why “It’s a really nice easy drinking style of red – delicious to drink on its own or with albondigas / beef stew / tapas. Nice for autumn. Lovely slightly chilled…”


Will Monroe, Fine Wine Sales

Wine Côte du Rhône Cuvée Speciale Tardieu Laurent 2013 Magnum

Why “With dark chocolate, blackcurrants, cinnamon on the nose and palate it matches with Autumn dishes really well. The Mag means it’s great for any seasonal dinner parties like Halloween or Bonfire Night.”


Joe Muller, Fine Wine Sales Manager

Wine HDV Chardonnay Hyde de Villaine 2011

Why “It’s the perfect wine to drink with my pumpkin soup on Halloween! That’s scary, right?”

Terrifying, really.

Happy Halloweeeeeeeeen!

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