Pairing wine with pancakes can be a great combination. Below are some typical pancake formats with suggested matching wines.


Pancakes with sugar & lemon

If you like your traditional sugar and lemon pancakes, try a lightly sweet wine such as a delicately tangy Muscat to compliment the citrus sweetness.

Pancakes & chocolate

Always a difficult pairing – wine and chocolate – assuming your chocolate has melted or you have chosen a chocolate sauce, a nice big Port is ideal. Try our new Own Label 20 year old Tawny.

Fresh berries with pancakes

Perhaps more of a breakfast suggestion – although we’re not suggesting you drink wine at breakfast time, at least not on a work day… pair with a sparkling rose, like this favourite from Wiston Estate.

Maple/Golden syrup pancakes

The unctuous syrup style of pancake pairs perfectly well with a luxurious and velvety Tokaji.

Other savoury pancakes

Easier to pair with wine than sweet ones, savoury pancakes – typically cheese, ham, mushroom, etc. – go well with a nice dry wine to cut through, such as Gavi di Gavi or a big oaky Chardonnay.

Pancakes with smoked salmon

Another pairing for those sparkling wine and champagne lovers. Also worth trying a dry Prosecco.

Visit our website to see more wines to pair with pancakes. And have a great Shrove Tuesday!

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