Located some 100 miles north of the Côte d’Or, Chablis sits apart from the rest of Burgundy, separated from the Côte d’Or by the Morvan Mountains. Geologically it is closer to the Loire and Champagne – even the South Downs – than Burgundy proper.
Historically, the region benefited from its proximity to Paris and being able to transport these popular wines by river to the capital. The advent of the railways had the opposite effect as more regions, with cheaper wines, became accessible.
Today, being so far north, the main adversary is the climate, yet it is in fact this marginal location, along with the famous fossil-rich soils, which lie at the heart of Chablis’ quintessential flinty mineral style.

The youngest generation of an impressive Chablis lineage, Vincent Dampt is one of the region’s rising stars. Vincent is now into his second decade making wine, these 2017s being his lucky thirteenth vintage. Read our full Burgundy 2017 vintage report here.

Corney & Barrow Buyer Rebecca Palmer chats to Vincent Dampt at our Burgundy 2017 Vintage tasting.

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