The Tale of Champagne Delamotte

“Tout dans ce vin est équilibre, force et grâce.” “This wine is an exercise in balance, power and grace” – Didier Depond, President Champagne Delamotte, Champagne Salon Champagne Delamotte maintains an understated profile, one that might seem unusual for a House of its history, pedigree and absolute quality. But in a world of glitz common […]

Top 7 summer cocktail recipes

There’s a certain stigma surrounding wine in a cocktail. Maybe people have just not tasted a good one..? Perhaps you don’t want to use your favourite wine and that’s fair. And we don’t recommend mixing with a pricey Bordeaux or the like… Seriously though, wine cocktails can be great. Here we celebrate the cocktail with […]

Wine and cheese lovers rejoice!

We’re so happy that there’s an official day dedicated to celebrating wine and cheese. It really is still the ultimate combination. What makes it great, is that it’s so very versatile. With so many varieties of wine, from all around the globe, it’s only fair that each is matched with its perfect cheesy partner – […]

Spotlight: Champagne Salon

Last week, we launched the latest vintage of our Champagne Salon 2007. Here, we look at the story of the man behind this incredible brand. Creating Champagne Salon The story of Champagne Salon’s creator, Eugène-Aimé Salon, reads like a picaresque novel, a tale of rags-to-riches – or in this case: furs. The child of a […]

Celebrating Women in Wine

International Women’s Day     This week, people in countries across the globe are celebrating women. Historians, scientists, mothers, artists, entrepreneurs… the list goes on. At Corney & Barrow, we’re raising a glass to some of the remarkable women around the world who are shaping our industry. In particular, all the wonderful winemakers, without whom our […]

The wines we love…

It’s that time of year again. Shopping arcades turn into a sea of red and pink, cute chubby teddy bears line up offering bouquets of heart-shaped chocolates, and panicked shoppers bolt around trying to grab the most thoughtful-looking bunch of flowers. Happy Valentine’s Day! Whatever your thoughts on this most romantic of all holidays, there’s […]

Top 10 Christmas Wines

It’s that time of year again, and whatever your festive traditions, they’re bound to involve a little tipple (or two). Corney & Barrow have been trading independently since 1780, so we know a bit about celebrating. We caught up with Fine Wine Sales Manager, Joe Muller to get some advice on Christmas drinking. So Joe, […]

6 Wines For Summer

How do you choose which wine to drink over summer? Sure, you could spend all day coming up with a perfect menu and planning what you’re going to eat and match the flavours to your wine. Or you could take a look at your phone, check the weather and use this guide. If it’s hot […]

Bonneau du Martray dinner

I have worked with the Bonneau du Martray wines since the 2000 vintage so all the usual bias warnings apply here. This was a rather different dinner because it was a chance to say “au revoir” (but certainly not a full good bye) to Jean-Charles Le Bault de la Morinière after the recent sale of […]

Picnic: Top 10 food & wine pairings

We all love a picnic. According to Wikipedia, the first usage of the word in print can be traced back to 1692, in Tony Willis’s Origines de la Langue Française, in which he mentions the term ‘pique-nique’ as being of recent origin.[1] The interesting part is that the term ‘picnic’ originally described a BYO situation […]