The Ultimate Mulled Wine Recipe

When it comes to mulled wine, tannin is not your friend. The best mulled wines are fruity and sweet so you don’t need anything to distract from that. And when it comes to the wine, Vin de France or generic appellations are best. Our Own Label Rouge is a perfect example. A soft, supple and […]

Ice Cream and Pedro Ximenez: Just Desserts

Dessert wines are a tricky bunch. Speak to anyone who works for a wine company and by and large you’ll get choruses of agreement: Dessert wines are lovely. The same with Riesling and the same with Sherry. Once you’re out in the real world, there’s a slight differing of opinion. It’s got to come down […]

10 tips to deliver a perfect Christmas dinner

1- Do not panic! Hosting Christmas dinner can be very stressful, we know. But with enough planning and preparation, it is one of the best moments of the year! 2- Christmas menu Think of your menu now and order your food as soon as possible, especially the meat that will be more and more pricey […]

Three Wine Men London Christmas Tasting – Ticket giveaway

Join the Three Wine Men for a free London Christmas Tasting Join the Three Wine Men, Oz Clarke, Tim Atkin MW and Olly Smith at a fantastic Christmas wine tasting at Church House in Westminster – all fuelled by the very finest bottles of wine. They love wine and want to introduce you to wines which […]

On my table over Christmas Dinner

Everyone in the wine industry spends an inordinate amount of time deciding which bottles make it onto the table for Christmas dinner. The murmured query “Christmas wines?” in our office means you can write off the next hour to heated discussion. If we were US Senators it would be our topic for a filibuster. You […]