Book & Bottle #NovelPairing: The Clasp

Quintessential New Yorker Sloane Crosley made her UK debut back in 2010 at my Literary Salon at Shoreditch House with her ruthlessly personal essay collection I Was Told There’d Be Cake. She’s often compared to Dorothy Parker and David Sedaris … but is in fact slightly taller and even funnier and just as insightful. Her […]

Book & Bottle #NovelPairing: The Elegance of the Hedgehog

Unlike French wine, French literature doesn’t travel. You’re thinking de Maupassant and Genet and Flaubert and Collette and De Beauvoir and Nin. I’m not saying there are no good French books, far from it. I’m acknowledging French books don’t ‘cross-over’ as much as they perhaps should. Good French books very often stay in France (see […]

Book & Bottle #NovelPairing: Captain Corelli’s Mandolin

Captain Corelli’s Mandolin is the kind of book you find on a shelf in a holiday home, well-thumbed and swollen with seawater from trips to the beach. A sensational bestseller in 1994, it continues to charm readers, despite the terrible film starring Nicolas Cage. An instant classic, Louis De Berniere’s love-story is set on Cephalonia […]

Book & Bottle #NovelPairing: The Burning Chambers

The first in a quartet, The Burning Chambers sees Kate Mosse return to Carcassone as Catholics and Huguenots clash in the Wars of Religion. It’s a truly epic tale of love and loss. Mosse joined us at the Borders Book Festival in June 2018 with Greg Reid from Corney & Barrow to help us choose […]

Book & Bottle #NovelPairing: White Houses

White Houses reveals the passionate and hidden love affair between patrician Eleanor Roosevelt and outsider Lorena Hickok – known as Hick. Then, as now, the White House is full of secrets. James Franklin from Corney & Barrow shortlists three #NovelPairings and joins Amy Bloom and Damian Barr for a special Salon at the British Library. […]

Of books and wine: a tale by Kate Mosse

Kate Mosse will join Damian Barr live on stage at The Borders Book Festival for a special #NovelPairing salon, to discuss her latest novel The Burning Chambers. Here, she gives us an insight into her inspiration for the story. The Burning Chambers, is – in a funny old way (and profound apologies to Charles Dickens […]

Book & Bottle #NovelPairing: Chocolat

Chocolat: A Novel Pairing As Lent begins, a mysterious stranger and her daughter breeze into a dull French town bringing colour, spirit and ‘Chocolat’. Joanne Harris’s bitter-sweet novel is a tale of temptation and perfect for Easter. Helping me choose our #NovelPairings are Olivia Marsh from Corney & Barrow and Simon Heafield from Foyles.                                                        […]

Book & Bottle #NovelPairing: My Policeman

All love starts as a secret and our far from conventional Valentine’s pick whispers with them. Starting in 1950s Brighton, My Policeman by Bethan Roberts depicts an unusual love triangle in devastating detail. Helping me choose our #NovelPairings are Will Hargrove from Corney & Barrow and Simon Heafield from Foyles. Marion loves Tom, Tom loves […]

Damian Barr’s Seventh #NovelPairing: A taste of Christmas

It’s Christmas so we have to choose Dickens’s classic festive ghost story. Worth re-reading to experience the truly scary hauntings and to understand Scrooge’s sad back-story. Helping me choose our #NovelPairings are Rebecca Palmer from Corney & Barrow and Simon Heafield from Foyles. The Ghost of Christmas Past A Christmas Carol essentially is Christmas: the […]

Book & Bottle #NovelPairing: Rather Be The Devil

Ian Rankin’s Detective Rebus has been solving crimes in his own gruff style for 30 years. ‘Rather Be the Devil’, the latest novel, sees Rebus descend into Edinburgh’s underworld. It’s criminally good! James Franklin from Corney & Barrow shortlists three #NovelPairings and joins Ian Rankin and Damian Barr for a special Salon. “There’s more happening […]