2017 Vintage at Domaine Jacques Prieur

“Dry, bright, warm and exceptionally sunny. A supremely elegant vintage.” – Nadine Gublin, head winemaker.   Most Burgundy domaines stay close to home, perhaps over the decades adding the odd plot in a neighbouring village when finances or inheritance permit, but rarely venturing further afield. Not so Domaine Jacques Prieur… this is an estate with […]

Introducing Champagne J.M. Labruyere

On Thursday last week we held the launch of Champagne J.M.Labryuere – I’ll be honest it wasn’t like a “normal” Champagne launch – no glitz or gizmos! We simply hosted a lunch and a dinner and let Edouard Labruyere tell the story of a new estate. The house as a whole – The vines are […]

A Summer’s Tasting Trip To Burgundy

We are at a curious point in the evolution of supply and demand for Burgundy. Whilst interest has never been stronger, recent years have seen hugely variable production, leading to inevitable pressure on prices. Add to that an unfavourable exchange rate and we approach the coming 2015 vintage with a mixture of excitement and trepidation. […]

Domaine Jacques Prieur 2014 Vintage

Very recently we were privileged to be able to welcome Domaine Jacques Prieur through our doors. Edouard Labruyere was in London to take us through his magnificent wines and we hosted a special dinner in his honour. Below Will Hargrove recounts the events of the week. This blog post was originally posted on Duvault Blochet […]

Preview – the wines of Burgundy 2014 vintage

When we picked up our hire car in Paris Orly, it had Italian number plates. Was this a sign? Was 2014 Burgundy to be temperamental, or would it ooze with charm? There was only one way to find out. We started in Chablis early on Monday with Vincent Dampt, who related that despite a “really […]

Famille Labruyere – a new and exciting relationship

New contacts and relationships in the wine world come about in different ways and take different lengths of time to come to fruition (when they do!). “Gestation” can be anything from weeks to years, decades even… every one is different. They often result from a chance comment being well followed up. Famille Labruyere and Corney […]