Mid Week Meals: Pisqu’s Quinoa Salad

We can all agree that cooking mid-week meals can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. And that occasionally (most of the time) those meals would taste a whole lot better with a glass of wine. We’ve teamed up with some of London’s most inspiring chefs to bring you simple, easy and delicious recipes, like […]

The wines we love…

It’s that time of year again. Shopping arcades turn into a sea of red and pink, cute chubby teddy bears line up offering bouquets of heart-shaped chocolates, and panicked shoppers bolt around trying to grab the most thoughtful-looking bunch of flowers. Happy Valentine’s Day! Whatever your thoughts on this most romantic of all holidays, there’s […]

Winter Comfort Food: Pheasant Recipe

Courtesy of our friends at Game-to-Eat is this recipe for Pheasant breast. Of course you’ll want to bag your own Pheasant if you can, so we’d recommend a few tots of our Sloe Gin while you’re out. Like the recipe below, it’s superb. Pan Seared Breast of Pheasant with Smoked Bacon Roasted Figs Serves: 4 […]

The best Autumn stuffing recipe for Turkey

Thanksgiving has grown and grown here in the UK. For many of us it’s the true flavour of Autumn. According to research by Waitrose, 1 in 6 of us now celebrates it. A couple of years ago people would think you had just come from America if you mentioned the “T” word. Now with the […]

Why champagne is worth celebrating

Ah champagne. Lovely, bubbly, delicious, historic, prestigious, luxurious champagne. There is no substitute. Yes, of course we love Prosecco and other sparklers – especially English ones! But the popping of a champagne cork is something uniquely special. Champagne bottles are the armoured tanks of the glass world, as they have to contain the enormous pressure the sparkling wine creates […]