What is Sloe Gin?

It’s not all about wine this Christmas! Corney & Barrow buyer Rebecca Palmer tells us the secret to our favourite winter warmer, our own Corney & Barrow Sloe Gin. Get your bottle now! Find out more at   

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Everyday Wine

Fashion v. Wine

Hey all you fashionistas. London Fashion Week is here! Fashion is not just about clothes. As was once said –   We totally agree. And in celebration of  Fashion Week, we’ve matched a selection of our designer Own Label wines to some of our favourite style icons over the years. Read more

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Champagne & Sparkling

The wines we love…

It’s that time of year again. Shopping arcades turn into a sea of red and pink, cute chubby teddy bears line up offering bouquets of heart-shaped chocolates, and panicked shoppers bolt around trying to grab the most thoughtful-looking bunch of flowers. Happy Valentine’s Day! Whatever your thoughts on this most Read more

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